Sex Headaches

by Sex Headaches

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released January 15, 2015

Angelo -- drums
Luke -- guitar/vocals
Sam -- guitar

Recorded by Sex Headaches



all rights reserved


Sex Headaches Santa Fe, New Mexico

Southwestern maverick jazz

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Track Name: Profane Trip
I'm not gonna quit drinking, til my body swells up and dies.
I'm gonna leave behind a corpse that will make you cry,
and you can cut into like slicing a cake and eat me like Christ
Tom Petty in the midnight rain, yeah, wouldn't that be nice?

I'll leave a corpse that will make you cry,
I'll make a corpse with you.

I step over bodies on my way out to the car.
I know I'm in no shape to drive, but babe it ain't very far.
I course through blurred hyperspace like blood in a vein
I kiss you hard just before the crash, 'cuz you're the last thing I want in my brain.

I prefer my bleakness to be unremitting
Do you dig the dark signals that I'm transmitting?
Hey babe, you into desperate love? I've got a warehouse full,
it come from crybaby up above and now I'm dead in your swimming pool

I heard your steps I watched you run away, it left me one eye sad
I knew it would happen one day, 'cuz I'm no good at being bad
Well come on, daddy gonna hurt you now, til I'm nothing left
Some profane trip, casual sex and my psychic death.
Track Name: We Met
It's like we just met for the first time
there's something different now and I just want to make you mine
we used to run into each other
make each other laugh and now I just want you to be my lover
I was beaten, badly bruised
when all a sudden there you were and I went up to you
feels like it's just the other day
now everything has changed I feel like it will be ok

Cuz we like the same TV shows,
won't you listen for my band on the radio?
Cuz I need to know
how to make you fall for me.

You asked me if I had tattoos
I said I didn't, but I'd dream a couple up with you.
and now I really have the blues
you feel so far away and I do not know what to do
maybe I'll go in for some ink
drive back to my hometown and wash the dishes in your sink
I'll clean your house and feed your cat
anything you want me to, any excuse just to come back

Cuz we like the same TV shows,
won't you listen for my band on the radio?
Cuz I need to know
how to make you fall for me.

Did I tell you I had a show?
I know everyone's in bands but maybe you would like to go?
I would sing every song to you
at least all the sweetest or just play songs you want me to.
I'd take the money from the door
take you to every restaurant in town because you're the girl I adore
the way you smile and move in close
I dream about it every day you're the girl I want the most.
Track Name: I Fall
I fell
I fall
I fall so easily
like not falling at all.

I wish I drank less,
or maybe drank more
than before we both met.
It don't matter no more.

Listen for the mercy in the dark,
follow me into the park.
There's a light underneath your dress
like flipping a switch I confess.
Track Name: Cult Couture
Mist morning, cook off by mid-day
Brain curdle, I want you to stay
James Dean death dream, angel decapitate
Crystal ball all of the styles that ain't happened yet
Strawberry daiquiris mixed in the basement
Caucasian Indians buried in the cement
How tall do we let the buildings get?
How many shirts do we sell before we never forget?
How many denim vests and thrash cassettes?
How many talks with our kids about sex?
How many cryptic status updates,
clinic visits and webcam dates?

You think you found something growing underground
Sew your skin to mine in sutures
Heavy sound and cult couture

Where the intellectual skater kids on 2cb and the Illiad
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Carl Jung
give me something more, acid on the tongue
I wish a light bulb would crash down on my head
one last bright idea just before I'm dead
and I can float down the river on a coffin ride
goosebumps dinner now it's light outside

Mutated remnants of decay and context
content exclusive to sexual congress
input and output are a single blurred conscience
seeing nothing saying nothing.
Death of the prophet with his hand on a cup of lean
memes all the same and the news stories sound mean
Hope is the pain of the land's lost belts as the
opiate becomes the pain that we all felt.
Together in the rain, crying CEOs
break their tears off together 'cuz the tears all froze.
Track Name: To You
I'm working on a book, come have a look
I'm gonna make you drop down at the coffee shop
I will speak French to you, it's all I do
prepare a vegan meal if that appeals
for you.

Buy a scooter, ride it downtown and never frown
Took something at the dance, check out my new pants
I'm burning ants to death with a cigarette
I lit it on the stove, babe I'm so in love
with you.

Mix a house set for you, have sex with you
translate poems from their original languages
now back to rhymes for you and I look good too
I cut off all the sleeves of all my tees
for you.

Put something in my veins 'cuz I hate my brain
Bite your lip, make you bleed, 'cuz it's all I need
I watch the bruises fade after you go away
I'll meet you in Tangiers, all I hold dear
is you.

It's for you, for you, for you,
every fucking thing that I do
is for you, for you, for you
I don't even care if I die
'cuz I love you.
Track Name: Split
My heart is an atom, and you split it in two,
now the nuclear explosion's coming back to swallow you.
I will not survive, I am the center of the blast.
I am blasted, fucked and shattered, I am clouds of toxic gas.
I hooked myself in to your poisonous machine.
I let myself be toxified by dreams of you still loving me.
I unplugged my mind, and it didn't change a thing.
I'm a ghoulish wasteland walker holding out a wedding ring.

Push the plunger down on this ACME TNT
bundle wrapped around the world, pieces strewn across the galaxy.
I will not survive, I am a man who's marked for death
what did Shakespeare say about being killed? I dream about your breasts.
I walk to the noose, I will pay for all my crimes.
Love whose waste I should have seen before I blinded both my eyes.
I will spit and curse plagues upon the peasant crowd.
My neck will snap, my body jerk, I'll die so fucking loud.

Haunting ain't a thing because there's nothing after this.
So I welcome oblivion hidden deep inside your kiss.
I know there's no love, no prime mover of this world,
there are graveyards full of idiots who treat women like girls.
I know there's no heaven where I will see you again
there is hell on Earth and stoicism peeling onion skins.
I know there is paradise, this button takes you there
I freeze in the explosion, I miss touching your hair.
Track Name: No Release
Got no pride, no release
got no rhythm got your love disease
Oh yeah.

I can't skate, I can't smoke
never learned to laugh because my life is a joke.
Oh yeah.

Blind to the weekend, lover in the grass, got
2 million nerves put my mind on blast
oh yeah.

Break shit and hopeless, tethered to my age
burn paper skin 'cuz my eyes enraged
oh yeah.

Poisoned through the holes that we choose when we kiss
you were always up front that it would be like this,
oh yeah.

Got no pride, no release
got no rhythm got your love disease
oh yeah.